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A mature black father kissing his daughter with hearing loss on the cheek as she smiles

Talking Sounds

Are You Hearing Sounds as Well as You Could?

Many people believe hearing loss is the complete absence of sound. However, that is simply not true. Hearing loss affects our ability to hear sound clearly. Even if you have hearing loss you can still hear people talking, you may just have a hard time understanding what they are saying.

Sounds Hearing Loss Makes You Miss

When left untreated, hearing loss makes it difficult to effectively communicate with those around you. You may find it difficult to understand what your grandchildren are saying because they have a higher pitch of voice, or you can no longer hear the birds singing in the morning. No matter what your favorite sounds are, hearing loss can make it difficult to fully enjoy the sounds of life.

In addition to not hearing these nuances of sound, hearing loss can also affect your ability to pick up on emotion behind words. Talking sounds are a key part of effectively communicating and understanding what someone is saying. It’s not just what we say that matters, it’s how we say it. If you have hearing loss you may not be able to hear the emotion or tone behind what someone is saying. This can lead to confusion and miscommunication.

Try Hearing Aids

If you are having a difficult time hearing your favorite sounds or fully understanding the conversation, it’s time for a hearing test. A hearing test will allow us to determine the type and severity of hearing loss you have so we can create a treatment plan. For many, hearing aids are a great solution for managing hearing loss.

With hearing aids, you will be able to hear the sounds you have been missing, even the subtle sounds you might have forgotten about. Comprehending the conversation and being able to recognize other’s tones will be easier with hearing aids. Not only will hearing aids make it easier to pick up on talking sounds, but they will also help your cognitive abilities as well. The brain needs sounds in order to stay active and healthy.

Get Started Today

Don’t let hearing loss keep you from the people – and sounds – you love. Make an appointment for a hearing test today! If you are a current hearing aid wearer but have noticed you aren’t hearing as well as you once were, contact us for a hearing aid checkup. Sometimes a cleaning of your hearing aids can be enough to help you hear better.