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We have an important update regarding our walk-in hours. Walk-in hours will be on Wednesdays from 1pm-2pm for current patients only. If you have never been to our office before, please call (518) 944-4810 to schedule an appointment.


We offer a wide range of services for your hearing and communication needs.

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Hearing Health at Debra Trees Audiology Associates

Your hearing is important for your everyday life and communication. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to help you hear and communicate better. From hearing tests to custom ear molds, our services can address any and all of your hearing needs.
Hearing Exam at Debra Trees Audiology Associates in Albany, NY

Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive hearing tests to identify the type and severity of hearing loss you have. If you already had your hearing tested at a hospital or ENT, then we typically won’t retest your hearing. We will review your audiogram and move forward with the hearing aid process based on your results. If you haven’t had your hearing tested prior to coming in, then we can perform a hearing test in-office.
Otoscopic examination at Debra Trees Audiology Associates in Albany, NY

Otoscopic Evaluation

We will examine the inside of your ears using an otoscope. This allows us to see your ear canal and make sure there is no ear infection or earwax build-up that could be causing your hearing loss. We can also take a picture of your ear canal and eardrum to show you. You deserve to be involved in your hearing healthcare, that’s why we will include you in our examination process.
Audiologist holding hearing aid in Albany, NY

Hearing Aid Assessment and Selection

We will go over the different types of hearing aids that we believe would be a good fit for your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, communication needs, and budget. During the hearing aid assessment we will ask you a variety of questions to determine what type and style of hearing aid will best help you. We offer a wide range of hearing aids to choose from and will help you find a hearing aid that will be best suited for your unique needs.

Follow-Up Care

After you’ve chosen your hearing aids we will fit them to your unique ear shape. We will also program them for your individual type of hearing loss. We recommend our patients come back and see us often for follow-up care. This allows us to make any adjustments to your hearing aids and to ensure they are a comfortable fit. If you have Bluetooth hearing aids, then we will go over how to set them up and connect them to your smartphone.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If you have any issues with your hearing aids bring them into us. We can perform most repairs in-office. If your hearing aids need a more major repair, depending on your warranty we can send them to the manufacturer for you. From replacing the compartment door to changing the wax filters, we will keep your hearing aids performing their best for you.

Custom Ear Molds

Hearing protection is an essential way to keep your hearing healthy and safe. We can make custom impressions of your ear for hearing protection or customized hearing aids. A custom ear mold ensures you have the best fit possible for optimal protection and comfort. Talk to us today about custom ear molds and how hearing protection is a must have for your safety.
Man playing a guitar with custom ear molds in Albany, NY

Pediatric Services

At Debra Trees Audiology Associates, we work with patients of all ages – including children. Our audiologist, Debra, has experience in pediatric audiology. From testing to hearing aids, we can help your child hear and communicate better. Hearing is such an important part of learning development in children. If you are concerned your child has hearing loss, make an appointment with us today. The sooner we can evaluate your child the sooner we can help them with their speech and learning development.
Child hearing aids at Debra Trees Audiology Associates in Albany, NY

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*Walk-in hours are for current patients only. If you are a new patient, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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